We Help in Taking Benifits from Government Facilities(Yojnas) and Correction in Documents

We Started Public Facility Centre (Jan Suvidha Kendra), where we educate people about Governmental Schemes like Vidhava Sahay Yojana, Shramik Kamdar Card Yojana, Niradhar Yojana, Vahali Dikri Yojana, Manav Garima Yojana as well as different educational scholarships providing by government, so that the people can avail the benefits of such schemes.
Our Goal

Oreen Foundation aims to reduce the financial barriers that prevent ordinary Indians from being able to sleep with empty stomach. These activities will also assist to transition attitudes away from an economic transactional perspective towards a social integration perspective.Oreen Foundation is building community as well as promoting food security, an access to free meals for the disadvantaged.