We Provide Foods Distribution to Poor People and in Hospitals

The reason behind serving people at these specific two hospital comes from the humble background of Sarfaraz Dudhwala. Both the hospitals (VS Hospital and Sola Civil Hospital) are government hospitals, having said that lot of people travel 100s of KMs to get the medical treatment at these hospitals. Often, they have to spend days and night for the long treatment of their family member and many of them faces hunger issue during their away from home stay. We are not saying we are providing food to all of these people but that’s our aim and your help in this cause will help us achieve it.
Our Goal

Oreen Foundation aims to reduce the financial barriers that prevent ordinary Indians from being able to sleep with empty stomach. These activities will also assist to transition attitudes away from an economic transactional perspective towards a social integration perspective.Oreen Foundation is building community as well as promoting food security, an access to free meals for the disadvantaged.